Delivery only model

At Fresh in your Fridge we’ve defined ourselves by being an exclusively in-home cooking service. Well… over the past few weeks all of that has changed, and we’re being creative to figure out ways to still bring you personalized, home cooked meals. We have pivoted (for the time being!) to an exclusively delivery based model, with weekly drop off at our client’s homes. We are still creating entirely customized menus, and working with the best quality ingredients we can find, but instead of cooking in your kitchen, we’re keeping our distance, and dropping off to you.

The things that haven’t changed: Personal consultation and discovery session before your first session, weekly menus created by holistic nutritionists, and personalized cooking done just for you. We still work with all different dietary needs and preferences.

The only thing that has changed… the meals are delivered to your doorstep.

To get started, please email or head to our get started page.


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Founder of Fresh In Your Fridge