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Voted “Best of Vancouver” Nutritionist by readers of the Georgia Straight 2015 – 2019


A kick-start to fueling my body better and focusing primarily on my health this year.

I have been SO impressed with the meals from Fresh in your Fridge! The portions are generous, all of my preferences and restrictions were taken into account, and menus customized to my liking and love of spice. My chef Allison has been super creative, and I’m actually becoming inspired to cook more on my own – which is a first! Very grateful for this service as a kick-start to fueling my body better and focusing primarily on my health this year.


Delicious, nutritious, and so convenient. Worth every penny and more.

Arielle S.

We’ve been using FYIF services for just under a year and it has made such a big difference in our lives! The meals are great, super convenient, and above all, have really given us the gift of time. Rather than spending time in the kitchen, my husband and I now have so much more time for each other, and for our little one! Our chefs are great at accommodating our food requests, and communication is always a breeze with the FYIF team.

Leona West-Fox

I am very grateful!

Erika and team did an incredible job cooking for my client who was in in town from Los Angeles for a few months. He was able to stay on track with our plan, eating their deliciously prepared food! The feedback from my client was fantastic and I’m very grateful!


My feedback is more on the lifestyle that your service provides.

I don’t even know where to start with how wonderful the service you provide is! It is essentially exactly what I was looking for. The food was beyond delicious. Jollia is sweet and friendly and competent and confident in the kitchen.

But my feedback to you is more on the lifestyle that your service provides. All this week, instead of going straight from work to picking the kids up to sometimes stopping at the grocery store with both of them to get home to attempt to make dinner with two small kids underfoot (when we don’t cave and order in), I picked them up and played at the park for an hour or two. Then came home and quickly warmed up a healthy dinner and spent no time at all cleaning up after dinner. There was no yelling, there was no crying. It has been glorious!

Cait Murphy

A game-changer for me and my partner.


Incredibly liberating.

For someone with complex dietary restrictions or just not a lot of time on their hands (or both) it is incredibly liberating not to have to worry about having delicious food on hand that will support a healthy, happy body.

Mark Drutz

I have been suffering from IBS for decades, and have tried every remedy possible, from probiotics to prebiotics to more fibre to naturopathic expensive tests to gastroenterologists to psychologists…and nothing helped; some, in fact, made the IBS worse. And I am sure I single handedly kept the Imodium company in business!

In recent years the IBS became even worse. My GP recommended the FODMAP diet, which had actually been recommended to me years ago by a naturopathic doctor (ND), but I had thought at the time that it was MUCH too complex to undertake. Recently at my wits end, I had to figure out how to try the diet. Since I hate to cook (!), it occurred to me that I could get someone to do it for me.

I did some research and came across Fresh in your Fridge (FIYF). I am just now into week 7 of a 2-month test of the FODMAP diet, and it has been a MIRACLE! The first week saw about a 50% improvement, but after that, close to 100%. In all those weeks, I needed only 1 Imodium — prior to that, I kept Imodium on my kitchen counter, because I needed it nearly every day. The big question is the food! Yes, it’s delicious, fresh, expertly made, and the chef is so friendly yet professional and efficient, it’s a joy to have them in my home. And just to emphasize their expertise, I required a VEGAN diet — talk about food restrictions! Yet the chef easily accommodated my requirements to provide healthy, attractive meals, in sufficient quantity that I often had extra to freeze for later. I couldn’t praise FIYF any higher. Hire them NOW!

Ralph B.

The entire team has been a pleasure to work with. Super attentive to our dietary needs and always went above and beyond to over-deliver.

Brian Fitzgerald

When I looked at the money I was spending on take out…

…and the time spent preparing my own meals (admittedly rare), compared to the cost of the service, it was a no brainer.

Sukhpal Brar

Absolutely life transforming.

I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely life transforming Fresh In Your Fridge has been for me in my life. As a busy professional with recently diagnosed chronic health conditions, I was desperate for a holistic approach to my nutrition with others that were as passionate about food and health as myself. I found that in Erika and her company Fresh in Your Fridge. Jollia, who makes my food every week, has been truly incredible at helping create delicious and health comprehensive meal plans every week. Only the healthiest ingredients are ever used and everyone I have ever been involved with from the company has been super professional and equally passionate. Also Erika and her team are very flexible and accommodating with my schedule and open to weekly feedback and constructive comments. I felt so strongly about their product and service that I hired Fresh In Your Fridge to do the catering at my 40th Birthday celebration. The event and service were perfect and everyone raved about the fresh, healthy and delicious food and catering.

Hiring Erika and her Fresh in Your Fridge team was one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself (OK, my girlfriend recommended it to me lol!). I look forward to working with them in the long term.

Rob C.

I’ve used other meal delivery services before in Ontario and California and out of all of them Fresh in Your Fridge has been my favourite. They’re very friendly people and they’ve even gone beyond the call to accommodate me on certain things. My chef at FIYF surprises me every week with a variety of great tasting meals catered to my taste preferences and health goals. She even stays in contact with me throughout the week to get feedback on how I’m enjoying the food and any changes I’d like to see made on future meals, and though I know she cooks for more clients than just myself, she makes me feel like she’s my own personal chef.

Fit in 30 Min

Our trusted nutrition partner.

Fresh in your fridge is our trusted nutrition partner. We have been referring all of our clients to them for the last 3 years and nothing but positive feedback from or clients. If you are looking for an in home meal service then Fresh in your fridge is the solution.