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Meal Prep & Personal Chef Services In New Westminster, BC

Are you tired of dreading your weekly food planning and meal prep? If you’re a resident of New Westminster, BC, our local meal prep services are designed to make your life easier. Tailored just for you, our services offer the perfect solution to simplify your meal prep routine.

Experience nutritious, top quality meals delivered right to your doorstep with our meal prep and personal chef services in New Westminster, BC. Enjoy the luxury of delicious, well balanced meals, tailored to your specific tastes and dietary needs. Our services not only save you time on grocery shopping and meal prep but also ensure that you meet all of your nutritional requirements. Whether you’re a busy professional or navigating challenging dietary needs, our professional services are tailored to meet your culinary needs.

Our clients love healthy eating, and many need help with complicated food sensitivities or therapeutic diets. Your private chef and nutritionist can make any type of diet possible!

How Our Meal Prep Program Works

Meals Prepared Weekly

Healthy meal prep designed just for you by your personal chef.

Groceries Included

The cost of groceries is included and we do the shopping for you.

Personal Chef Cooks for You

Delicious meals are delivered right to your home.

Fresh Meal Delivery To New Westminster, BC

Fresh in your Fridge’s commercial kitchen is in the heart of Strathcona, and we happily deliver to any area of New Westminster whether it be Uptown, Queensborough, Sapperton or Downtown, etc – and delivery is included in all our pricing!

What’s Included:

  • Dedicated holistic nutritionist/chef
  • Personalized menus sent 72 hours in advance
  • 70-100% organic ingredients
  • Holistic cooking practices
  • Zero waste services
  • Reliable delivery driver

A Table for You

Prices are based on amounts of meals, portions and variety each week. Macro/calorie counts, and requests for additional protein, or other specialty services can be added on.

for One

StartS at $495 weekly

for Two

StartS at $595 weekly

for a Family

 StartS at $635 Weekly

These amazing people are lifesavers. For someone with complex dietary restrictions or just not a lot of time on their hands (or both) it is incredibly liberating not to have to worry about having delicious food on hand.

Elyse H.

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