Fresh In Your Fridge (A Local Meal Delivery Service) Vs National and Regional Brands

Apr 25, 2022

Fresh in Your Fridge is a meal prep and personal chef service based out of Vancouver, CA. Unlike national and regional meal delivery services, Fresh in Your Fridge offers customers a hyper-local experience with personalized meals developed and cooked by a professional chef.

In this article, we will compare Fresh in Your Fridge to its competitors and discuss why you should opt for this local service if you live in the Vancouver area.

Local vs National & Regional Meal Delivery Services

As you search for the ideal meal delivery service, it is important to note that there are 3 main options to choose between

National Meal Delivery: National meal delivery services will offer deliveries to a wide geographic area – with some companies even expanding into international regions. A popular example of a national meal delivery service is Hello Fresh.

Regional Meal Delivery: Regional meal delivery services are often fairly similar to national services, except they deliver to a smaller area. Fresh Prep is an example of a Canadian-based meal delivery company that only services select regions in the country.

Local Meal Delivery: Local meal delivery services – like Fresh in Your Fridge – are focused on a hyper-local area; in this case, the Greater Vancouver area.

What’s the Difference Between Local vs. National vs. Regional Food Delivery Services?

When comparing local, national, and regional food delivery services, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Ingredient Quality: Where a meal delivery service sources its ingredients from is important. Not only does it matter in terms of quality and freshness but it is also a key consideration for customers who want to support their local communities and economy.
  • Packaging: Different meal delivery services will offer various types of packaging, from one-use plastics to recyclable containers. Smaller delivery service companies tend to put extra emphasis on sustainability and recycling, making this factor an important distinction between local, regional, and national delivery services.
  • Customization: The smaller and more local a delivery service is, the more likely customers are to be able to customize their meals to their exact dietary needs and restrictions.

To better illustrate the difference between these types of services, let’s compare how Fresh in Your Fridge works versus the national service Hello Fresh and the regional service Fresh Prep:

 Fresh In Your Fridge (Local)

  • Locally-sourced, organic ingredients
  • Clean, reusable containers
  • Nutritionist design and cook 100% customizable meal plans for any dietary restrictions

Fresh Prep (Regional)

  • Ingredients sourced through local purveyors & distributors
  • Optional Zero Waste Kits that are reusable & returnable
  • Customizable based on personal preferences; not recommended for severe food allergies.

Hello Fresh (National)

  • Sourced from local, national, and international vendors
  • Recyclable & compostable packaging
  • Can customize for vegetarian, pescatarian, and reduced-calorie diets.

Now that we have covered the basic differences and similarities between local, regional, and national meal delivery services, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of local services – specifically, Fresh in Your Fridge.

Customized Meal Plans for Every Diet

When your work with a local service like Fresh in Your Fridge, you are much more likely to receive meals that are customized to your exact dietary needs.

Fresh in Your Fridge offers customizable meal plans developed by our nutritionists for all types of diets. Unlike its national and regional counterparts, the weekly meals offered by this local delivery service are created specifically for you and your dietary restrictions. Your personalized menu is sent 72 hours in advance for your review and approval.

Additionally, every meal plan includes a dedicated holistic nutritionist and chef to ensure your meals are as healthy as they are tasty.

Less Prep Time

With national and regional meal delivery services, you receive the ingredients for your meals as well as cooking instructions. However, you need to prep and cook the food yourself in most cases.

Rather than simply sending chopped ingredients and instructions, the meals sent by Fresh in Your Fridge come pre-made – eliminating the need to spend 30+ minutes preparing and cooking your meals.

Supporting the Local Economy

Being a hyper-local business, Fresh in Your Fridge places special emphasis on sourcing ingredients from local suppliers and companies. Not only does this ensure the ingredients and meals you receive are as fresh as possible, but it also contributes support to the local community.

When you work with Fresh in Your Fridge to create your ideal meal plan, you can rest easy knowing your local community and economy benefits from your purchase as well.

A Personalized Touch

Purchasing meal kits from national and regional meal delivery services often provides you with limited options based on their weekly menus and ingredient supplies.

Fresh In Your Fridge allows the nutritionists and chefs to take into account your exact preferences and favorite ingredients. Each meal you receive is personalized for you using holistic cooking practices.

Fresher Ingredients and Fresher Meals

Local meal delivery services have greater freedom when it comes to making specific ingredient sourcing choices, such as choosing all organic ingredients and creating dishes with in-season fruits and vegetables.

In addition to fresh ingredients, Fresh in Your Fridge also offers accommodations for customers with specific Macro and calorie counts in mind. This allows you to not only enjoy the freshest ingredients but also ensure the meals you eat are helping you to reach your health goals.

Less Packaging

As mentioned in the comparison table above, Fresh in Your Fridge’s meals come in Tupperware that is entirely reusable after cleaning. This helps to boost overall sustainability by creating less waste!

Cons of Using a Local Meal Delivery Service

More Costly

While there are many pros to using a service like Fresh In Your Fridge, the main con comes by way of cost. Due to the highly personalized and customizable nature of the meals offered by Fresh in Your Fridge, the cost of this service can often be higher than the national and regional alternatives.

However, these costs do not go to waste. By paying more for Fresh in Your Fridge’s services, you are guaranteed to receive meals that satisfy your taste, meet your needs, and have been specially designed and cooked by trained nutritionists and chefs to provide you with wholesome, organic foods.

What Is The Difference Between a Personal Chef and a Meal Delivery Service?

A meal delivery service provides customers with a set of pre-made meals that are designed for their specific needs, while a personal chef will generally have fewer clients that they create highly customized meals for.

At Fresh in Your Fridge, the chef and nutritionists take on a hybrid approach that combines elements of both local meal delivery and personal chef services. Fresh in Your Fridge offers a variety of plans wherein the meals are created specifically to accommodate you and your needs.

Each meal created by Fresh in Your Fridge is customized according to the preferences of the individual customer. In this way, Fresh in Your Fridge is very similar to a personal chef service – the main difference being that meals are offered via delivery.

Final Thoughts

For customers in the Vancouver area, Fresh in Your Fridge offers holistic and customized meal prepping services that take the stress out of eating healthy.

By embracing this local meal delivery service, you will receive pre-made meals that are crafted according to your exact specifications and dietary restrictions. Plans range in pricing based on the amount of food, delivery vs. in-home service options, requests for 100% organic ingredients, and many other specialized factors – meaning you can benefit from a custom plan made for you.

To get started with Fresh in Your Fridge, book a call with the expert team today. The team will start by asking you personalized questions that help to build your custom menu, then allowing them to offer a quote for your meal plan.

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